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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No Knitting

Yes, I have been a good girl. No knitting since thursday. It is getting better, but still when I stretch my arm it hurts around the elbow. I can type without pain, very usefull when working. Driving is oke, but I avoid difficult parkinglots (no powersteering, old car) and underground parking (no electric windows, again old car). This week driving is definitely getting better parents are on vacation and I got their car. Powersteering, powerbrakes, electric everything. Allthough I had difficulty locating button for electric windows when I had to roll down the windows. Cornel and I brought my parents to Schiphol Airport saturday morning very, very early, 4.15h...!! Cornel drove so we got back at my appartment save and sound in just under 30 minutes. On Sunday I drove the car when we went for a walk in the dunes. It was gorgeous weather, two hour walk, fantastic!
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

This Sucks! Of te wel Balen!

This sucks! I went to the doctor today because my left arm hurts while knitting, typing (this isn't good for me either), driving, etc. I overdone it, sprained it, what ever. Bottomline is no KNITTING! For a least a week or two. Just to see if it gets better. And I just finished my first fingerless glove! I'm wearing it now with the ends and bits that need to be weaved in. I've misplaced my darning needle. I maybe have some pictures up over the weekend.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

My Left Hand: A Study

It's nice to have a boyfriend who likes photography and you're his subject. Or actually your left hand,.... I mean, first left fingerless glove.

In front of the window. Notice the snow in the background. It'd snowed a few nights but when we went for a walk almost all the snow had disappeared.

Different background. The colors blend in nicely with the background.

The front

Knitting in motion, but not to much motion.
I'm knitting the second finger with dpn's which is rather awkward because I use very long ones (30 cm and 1 40 cm). It a fun knit but I keep losing the fifth needle!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. In my teens have made hunderds of them. Ever since I had my ears pearced at thirteen. The skills I acquired then come in handy now. For a couple months I've been reading knitting blogs. I've learned a lot. I now know the're things like stitchmarkers, I knit English style and lots more.

The stitchmarkers were something I had to have because some patterns use them. As it came apparent with the lacefiasco. I'm knitting the Hooray for me Gloves designed by Marnie McLean.

Scrapyarn doesn't cut it as a stitchmarker, so I made these cuties with leftover beads from years ago.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fo's and WIP's

A couple a FO's last week. Last minute gifts. A scarf for my friend's birthday in pink, orange and brown. Yarn: Katia Nepal colourway 5005
A very last minute knitted gift, also a scarf for her babyboy. Yarn: Tweed Angora Markoma Nieuwegein, 50% angora- 45% lambswool - 5% Nylon. I was weaving in the last ends sundaymorning for party in the afternoon. A simple garterstitch pattern in tweedy blue en beige. She send me a lovely picture with him wearing it.

I had halve ball of yarn left of the Katia Nepal. Bought another one and knitted a simple long scarf for myself. Ribstitchpattern, k1, p1 on 10 mm needles. I finished that on monday.

(Nice picture isn't it! those bathroom pictures)

The Sweater No. 8a front: I'm past the armholeshaping and I can start neckshaping. I want to finish that this weekend. If the weather on sunday is bad I probably will but of course I'm hoping for sunshine like today. I'm really like to go for a nice long walk/hike through the dunes/woods. I don't mind the cold but give me sunshine!!

Other WIP's:
- Leftovers poncho; Leftover yarn, main color ecru
- wristwarmers; It's so cold in my computerroom!
- cardigan; my own pattern knitted with the magic loop technique. I must have read the instructions to do the magic loop thnig a million times be for I got it.
- branching out; About 4 inches into the project but I don't like it. I'm not sure lace is for me.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Something old

This is my view from my window in my computerroom. In the windowsill an old doll dressed in some things made of stashyarn. Except the hat. I made that hat when i was about 10 or 11 years old on dpn's! I found it at my sister's in a large box full of doll's clothes for my niece. The doll is a rescue doll. Years back i worked in daycare and collegues of mine threw a lot of things away. I fished this doll and another out of the dumpster. Their faces were a bit dirty but everything worked, not a scratch on them. The pants was from a craftsmagazine from 1962, a knitted nappypants (luierbroekje). The cardigan pattern I made that up myself and the scarf was a swatch to try out stitches.

A little gloomy picture like today was. It was raining and a very strong wind so i couldn't go iceskating.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

new arrivals

Nothing makes you feel better then walking around in the LYS (local yarn shop; for the non-knitblogreaders who might be reading this. You never know). Especially nosing around in the discount corner. I've got 12 skeins of 100% wool at €1,50 per skein!! Naturwolle Austermann rich cream. It still smells like sheep! I had a pattern in mind but I just read on www.elann.com that it's got a different gauge than on the ballthingie. I have to swatch first to see if it fits. I didn't stop at that, but can't tell you what I bought furthermore because that might be telling someone what she will get for her birthday. If this isn't spoiling the suprise.

It's 15 minutes till the start of the olympics. Both, I haven't joined but will be reading and watching how they get on. So, my dinner, eggroll with chicken and ham, is just about ready. I'll eat it in front of the telly and watch the openingsceremony.
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